RESORT is a new collection for SS24 inspired by regrowth and renewal. This curated collection explores the complex connection between our wonderment to nature’s design and our drive to cultivate, that is to curate our own ideas from nature’s blueprint.



As we seek to revive and renew, we voyage to far flung destinations in search of discovery and relaxation. These sanctuaries invite nature into an environment where we can kick back, absorb and immerse ourselves. The need to pause from the everyday allows our minds to open and our bodies to soak up the environment around us.
Wild and untamed arrangements are formed from a combination of bold colours, fresh greens and stripped back neutrals. Bold, white blooms with highly detailed petals are combined with striking, sunshine yellows and exotic structures.
Tropical foliage with variegated patterns and dynamic leaf shapes build the base of the composition.
This collection is crafted to encourage creation, using leafy stems, breezy blooms and intricate details to allow for a presentation of carefree displays in vases and vessels to embellish the abode.